The Great Republic

The Great Republic, part of the Great Lakes fleet, is a 623’ self-unloading bulk carrier. Dry docked in Toledo, Ohio – Advanced Industrial Services worked from various sized aerial lifts to achieve the required surface preparation on the hull. Roughly 75% was given an (SP-7) Brush-Off Blast and the remaining 25% (SP-10) Near-White Metal Blast.

The painting system specified was a spot prime of Seaguard 6000 on any SP-10 areas, followed by a full intermediate coat of Seaguard 6000. Above the water line received a top coat of Acrolon 218 and below the water line received a second coat of Seaguard 6000. This system allowed AIS to perform coating applications in low temperatures. Draft marks and stenciling on the bow and stern of the ship were completed with Acrolon 218. Sea chest and bow thrusters were blasted to a SP-10 and given two full coats of Seaguard 6000.

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